building paradises in the ruins of fire

las Islas Canarias

21 Nov
28 Nov

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Hoe deelnemen?

Put aside all preconceptions about the Canary Islands. It is more than a tear-jerking tourist attraction. Above all, it has been home to established modernist architects who have clearly left their mark on contemporary architecture. The architectural journey from Tenerife, via Gran Canaria to Lanzarote highlights a consistent narrative between coexisting modernist and contemporary architecture and a landscape layered by multiple lava species.

Las Islas Canarias may seem to many to be just a tear-jerking tourist attraction, but it has above all been home to established modernist architects (Cabrera, Henriquez Hernandez and Díaz-Llanos La Roche/Saavedra) who have clearly left their mark on contemporary architecture.
On the islands, nature is wonderfully rough and pure, as are the inhabitants and the structures that protect them from sun and rain. Architects deliberately work with hand-sculpted concrete composed of natural pozzolana (volcanic ash) and crumbled basalt, with solid tea wood (the local pine tree pinus canariensis), with volcanic stone walls, and create natural swimming pools and lush gardens with a love of local plant species. This is certainly proven by local contemporary architecture firms such as GPY arquitectos, Fernando Menis, Alejandro Beautell, Felipe Artengo,… supplemented by some international encouragement from Herzog & de Meuron and Santiago Calatrava.
The architecture journey emphasises the coexistence between architecture and a landscape layered by several lava species. This is confirmed by the sculpted oeuvre of César Manrique: painter, photographer, sculptor, activist, humanist, philosopher and… architectural god of Lanzarote. Seeing that attractive towns were playing out their charms and assets until they bled to death, he threw himself in front of bulldozers of property developers and guided tourism with an overarching, enduring, sustainable vision. Turning nature into art was Manrique’s life mission.
It is also time for us, architecture wanderers, to embrace and preserve the natural resources and valuable culture of this place.


preliminary program

TENERIFE (5 days)

Tenerife Espacio de las Artes (TEA), Herzog & de Meuron
plaza de España, Herzog & de Meuron
Auditorio de Tenerife, Santiago Calatrava
Artes Escénicas, Santiago Calatrava
Presidencia del Gobierno de Canarias, AMP arquitectos
Centro Insular de Atletismo de Tenerife (CIAT), AMP arquitectos
escuela de Actores de Canarias, GPY arquitectos
parque Cuchillitos de Tristán, Menis arquitectos
edificio la financiera, Luis Cabrera
espacio cultural el Tanque, Menis arquitectos
parque marítimo, César Manrique
casa Beautell, Alejandro Beautell
colegio de arquitectos, Díaz-Llanos La Roche/Saavedra, Cabrera, Henríquez y Seco
casa MM, Menis arquitectos

UNESCO inner town
cuatro viviendas en el Camino Largo, Rubéns Henríquez Hernández
iglesia Santísimo Redentor, Menis arquitectos
facultad de Bellas Artes, GPY arquitectos

natural swimming pool charco de la Laja
parque nacinal del Teide

capilla Stella Maris, Alejandro Beautell

centro cultural, GPY arquitectos

Instituto de Enseñanza Secundaria Rafael Arozarena, AMP arquitectos
la estrella, Luis Cabrera
jardín botanico, AMP arquitectos
hotel Catalonia Las Vega, Luis Cabrera

parque del Drago, AMP arquitectos

centro cultural San Bernardo, GPY arquitectos
casa de juventud, Alejandro Lavin

Nuestra Señora de Candelaria, Alejandro Beautell

Instituto de Enseñanza Secundaria El Galeón, GPY arquitectos
museo Sacro/museo de la Luz y plaza España, Menis arquitectos

aparthotel Parque La Paz, equipo olivares
centro de rehabilitación ramón y cajal, Díaz-Llanos La Roche/Saavedra y Löfstrom

Ten Bel, o.m. Díaz-Llanos La Roche/Saavedra, Luis Cabrera, Antonio del Pozo Mozo

casa Costa renovation, Susan Theunissen & Leo Coolen
casa Jacques Herzog, Herzog & de Meuron

GRAN CANARIA (1/2 day)

museo Chirino/castillo de la Luz, Simon Garcia y Nieto Sobejano
pasarela Onda Atlántica, Onda arquitectura
torre Woermann, Ábalos y Herreros

LANZAROTE (2 days)

hotel Las Salinas, Fernando Higueras
wine degustation
fondación César Manrique
lagOmar, César Manrique y Jesús Soto
jameos del Agua, César Manrique
jardín de cactus, César Manrique




  • plane ticket Brussels Airlines, including 23kg luggage (outbound 10:50 > 14:25, inbound 18:25 > 23:40)
    accommodation with breakfast: 7 nights in ****hotels
  • 7 days coach + tips driver
  • wine tasting wine estate La Geria
  • museum entrance fees and other financial compensations for exclusive visits
  • gifts for the architects and private persons who open their houses exclusively for us
  • travel assistance insurance
  • audio phone hire
  • Logguide: self-compiled, designed and professionally printed guidebook with multi-purpose cover, city maps, sketchpad, postcard, pencil…
  • guidance and support by Dominique Pieters and Hanne Platteeuw

payment info

Travel sum for 8 days based on a group of 30 people: €2,700
travel sum for 8 days based on a group of 25 persons: €2,900
Travel sum for 8 days based on a group of 20 people: €3,100

  • price assumes double room occupancy
  • supplement single room: €350
  • registration is final
    after payment of the advance of €750
    on account number BE25 7350 4701 5682
    by virtue of article VI.45, 11° of the Economic Code there is no reflection period
  • balance 30 days prior to departure
  • travel assistance insurance included
  • optional cancellation insurance: 4.33% of the individual travel sum