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With Pritzker Prize winner Alejandro Aravena and the refreshing architecture of Smiljan Radic as a compass, planopli goes in search of architectural emotion in the region where Argentina and Chile border each other or where dreamy wine production houses come face to face with social commitment.

The prospecting trip in early 2019 has decided which cities, regions and projects will be on the final visiting programme. The journey will go from coast to coast: after visits to the Chilean cities of Los Vilos, Valparaíso, Racangua and Santiago de Chile, we will cross the Aconcagua-dominated Andes to the wine paradise of Mendoza and then take an inward flight to Buenos Aires.

Along the way in Argentina, projects by starchitects Le Corbusier, sir Norman Foster and Santiago Calatrava, but also by local heroes such as a4 estudio, Tom Hughes + Fernando Raganato + Eugenia  Mora, Juan Ignacio Ramos and PLANTA and in Chile by Emilio Duhart, Izquierdo-Lehmann arquitectos, Cristián Undurraga, Sebastián Irarrazaval, HLPS Arquitectos and Felipe Assadi + Francisca Pulido and of course by Smiljan Radic and Alejandro Aravena.



Santiago de Chile
CC Gabriela Mistral, Sebastian Baranoa, Christian Fernandez y Christian Yutronic, 2009-19
CC Palacio de La Moneda, Undurrago Devés Arquitectos, 2004-05
Museo Chileno de Arte Precolombino, Smiljan Radic, 2014
Bahá’í temple of South America, Hariri Pontarini Architects, 2016
Theatro Nave, Smiljan Radic, 2010-15
Mapuche Vivienda social, Cristián Undurraga, 2011
Casas privadas, Sebastián Irarrazaval
Casa Galleguillos, Juan Galleguillos Orrego, 1978
Chilean Police Museum and Cultural Centre, Gonzalo Mardones Viviani, 2010
Museo de la memoria, Estudio America, 2009
Parque Bicentenario de La Infancia Parque Metropolitano, Elemental (Alejandro Aravena), 2012
Capilla del Espíritu Santo de Puente Alto, Cazú Zegers, 2006
Colegio Altamira, Klotz+Fernandez+Fernandez, 1999-2000
Nicanor Parra UDP library, Mathias Klotz, 2011
Centro de Informacion y Documentacion Sergio Larrain Garcia-Moreno, Puga+Fernandez+Radic, 2004-06
Facultad de Arquitectura, Diseño y Estudios Urbanos, Sebastián Irarrazaval, 2010
CEPAL – United Nations, Emilio Duhart, 1960-66
Patricia Ready Gallery of Art, Izquierdo-Lehmann Arquitectos, 2007-08
Restaurant Mestizo, Smiljan Radic, 2007
UC Siamese towers, Alejandro Aravena, 2003
UC Facultad de Matemáticas Pontificia, Arquitectos Alejandro Aravena y Luis Lucero, 1999
UC Innovation Center Anacleto Angelini, Alejandro Aravena, 2011-14
UC Centro de Minería Andrónico Luksic, Enrique Browne, 2013
UDP School of Economics and Business, Rafael Hevia+Rodrigo Duque Motta+Gabriela Manzi, 2011-12
Edificio Grupo Précision, Guillermo Acuna Arquitectos Asociados, 2011
Capilla del Retiro, Undurraga Deves arquitectos, 2012
Votive Temple of Maipu, Juan Martinez Gutierrez, 1943-74

Los Vilos
casa Ochoquebradas, Alejandro Aravena, 2014
casa Ochoquebradas, Ryue Nishizawa, 2019
casa Ochoquebradas, Felipe Assadi, 2016
casa Ochoquebradas, Max Nuñez, 2019

casa Ghat, Max Nuñez, 2016
casa Santos, BVCH, 1958-59
casa Pite, Smiljan Radic, 2003-05
punta Pite, Teresa Moller, 2003-05
casa H, Felipe Assadi, 2018
casa 11 mujeres, Mathias Klotz, 2006-07
casa en la Reserva, Sebastián Irarrazaval, 2015

casa Ocho al cubo – White O, Toyo Ito, 2009
casa Ocho al cubo, Smiljan Radic, 2009
casa Ocho al cubo, Sebastián Irarrazaval, 2009

ciudad abierta
hostal Ritoque, Gabriel Rudolphy+Alejandro Soffia, 2014

Parque Cultural de Valparaíso, HLPS Arquitectos, 2010-11
fundo Izaro, Martin Hurtado, 2005
Dinamarca 399, Joaquín Velasco Rubio, 2014
free half a day

viña VIK, Smiljan Radic
Colegio Ayelén, Alejandro Aravena, 2015
optional: house Radic

oversteek Andes
Aconcagua (the highest mountain of the American continent and in the world apart from Asia)
Puenta del Inca

Museo de Ciencias Naturales y Antropológicas Juan Cornelio Moyano, M. Civit y A. Civit, 1911
Parque Central de Mendoza, B4FS Arquitectos, 2006
viña Navarro Coreas, aft Arquitectos, 2009
finca O. Fournier, Bormida & Yanzon, 2007
bodega Zuccardi, Tom Hughes + Fernando Raganato + Eugenia Mora, 2016
The vines with casa Evans and casa Shungo, a4e, 2014 en 2015

Buenos Aires
casa Curutchet, Le Corbusier, 1949
Ciudad Casa de Gobierno, Foster and Partners, 2015
Huerta coworking, PLANTA (Ana Rascovsky y Irene Joselevich), 2015
teatro Gran Rex, Alberto Prebisch, 1937
puerto Madeiro: Iglesia del Corazón de Jesús, Urgell-Penedo-Urgell Architects, 2014 Puente de la Mujer, Santiago Calatrava, 1998-2001
MARQ. Museum of Architecture and Design
Biblioteca Nacional Mariano Moreno, Testa, Bullrich y Cazzaniga, 1961
centro cultural Recoleta, Clorindo Testa, Jacques Bedel, Luis Benedit, 1980
Museo Xul Solar, Pablo Tomas Beitia, 1987-1993
Banco de Londres, Clorindo Testa y SEPRA, 1959
Torre Dorego, Caffarini, Joselevich and Ricur, 1968
embassy Chile + centro cultural Matta, Sebastián Irarrazaval y Francisca Rivera y Guillermo Hevia García, 2015
exhibition center CABA, Edgardo Minond, 2013
Caballeriza El Yacaré, Juan Ignacio Ramos, 2017



Registrations are limited to 55, due to the maximum capacity of the buses with ‘cama’ and ‘semi-cama’ seats that provide the (breathtaking) transfer over the Andes.

Travelling to and within Chile and Argentina does not require a visa, but of course an international travel passport.

An inoculation against Hepatitis A is compulsory when travelling to and in Chile and Argentina.

Those who think they may be sensitive to altitude sickness should take note of the planned crossing of the Andes. We will take the ‘Paso Internacional Los Libertadores’ from Santiago de Chile (570m altitude) via Cancha Pelada (3639m altitude – where we will only stay a short while because of customs formalities) to Mendoza (746m altitude). If necessary, an individual plane ticket can be provided.

Furthermore, no vaccinations are required, but the Institute of Tropical Medicine recommends to take the opportunity to generally update your vaccination schedule on each trip. For more detailed information, please refer to the ITG website for Chile and for Argentina.

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  • single room occupancy: supplement €500
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  • balance 30 days before departure


  • professional guidance
  • intercontinental flights and domestic flight
  • 12 nights in three and four-star hotels including breakfast
  • 13 days local transport and tips bus drivers
  • entry tickets and donations
  • travel assistance insurance
  • 2 picnics


  • other meals
  • optional cancellation insurance: 4.33% of the individual travel sum
  • optional luggage insurance: €14
  • loguide: €30
  • pocket money: keep in mind €50/travel day