Flanders' far east


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Hoe deelnemen?

When the idea grew at Archipel to travel Langs Vlaamse wegen, it was fairly quickly clear that the total Flemish offering of quality and innovative architecture is so fantastically broad and impressive that a split between east and west was imminent. In the spring of 2017, Archipel vzw already organised ‘the Wild West’. In autumn 2017, in true pioneering style, the open architecture association crossed ‘the Antwerp-Brussels wall’ (the Willebroek Canal) and headed for the Far East.

A few words from the Archipel announcement:
“With camera, smartphone or sketchbook in hand, we conquer the eastern part of Flemish Brabant, the Hageland, Haspengouw, Hasselt, the Limburg and Antwerp Kempen and the Antwerp-Mechelen region or vice versa. One big voyage of discovery. And that will be a tough job too, because the offer is immense.

The team of tour guides attempted to present the strongest of the strongest in a four-day itinerary, ‘strict but fair’, taking into account timing, distance, accessibility and accommodation options.
The programme includes impressive highlights, indispensable anchor points, delightful discoveries and unexpected creations, such as a drying hall in a tree nursery, a university laboratory for climate research and … a staircase that leads nowhere.
The traveller can expect the Archipel stamp of approval once again: a tidal wave of interesting projects served up at a brisk pace and within strict timing, with expert explanations from designer, builder or guide!”

For this trip, planopli took care of the accommodation, bus transportation, scouting, composition of the programme, contacts with the locations to be visited and the related architects, and both substantive and logistical guidance during the trip itself.

See also the website of Archipel.



Overnight stays in:

  • hotel Corbie, Geel
  • youth hostel Wadi, Kasterlee (by Secchi-ViganĂ²)

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