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Renaud Baeckelandt
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Eva Lo
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planopli ~ interweaving of the words ‘plan’, ‘panoply’ and ‘ply’.

plan [fr, en, es, en].
A plan is among other things a drawn, elaborate design of a building, but it is also an outline, an intention and moreover the level on which something stands.

panoply [en], panoplie [nl, fr], panoplia [es].
From the Greek meaning of a ‘complete armoury’, other meanings developed around panoply such as ‘a complete and impressive range of excellence’.

ply [en], pli [fr], pli(ssé) [nl], pli(ego) [es].
Ply is an old work for ‘to work at’ (craft), to use a tool vigorously and to keep supplying. The french word ‘plissé’ (or: pleated) refers to a folded piece of fabric, paper or cardboard or a section in a publication. Architectural plans must be unfolded (figuratively and literally) in order to appreciate them.

Planopli plans architectural tours and folds log guides that bring to life an impressive range of outstanding architectural examples from the 20th and 21st centuries.

advantages of planopli journeys

  • Some of planopli’s guides have fifteen to twenty years of experience.
  • On the basis of a prospecting trip, this team of architects makes a precise and special selection of the projects to be visited.
  • Not only experienced architects from our Belgian-Dutch team, but also local architects who provide in-depth background information, act as tour guides.
  • Contacts with local architects lead to an expansion of your network and sometimes to cross-border cooperation.
  • For some buildings, especially private houses, exclusive access has been obtained through planopli.
  • In case of sufficient interest a trip will be offered twice, so that professional partners can travel separately because of the permanence of the (architectural) office
  • Architecture trips are recognised as study trips by the Architects’ Association (BE) and the Architects’ Register (NL) for study points for permanent education and training.
  • Experiencing architecture is impossible by looking at and studying pictures. Experiencing icons of the international architectural landscape in person, and often having contact with their designer, provides boundless inspiration and eternal learning.


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  • has a contingency insurance, policy number EO63606, for all trips announced and for which enrolled from 7 March 2020 onwards, due to which the planned outward and/or return trip cannot take place because of unavoidable and extraordinary events (natural disasters, volcanic eruption, fire, terrorist act, terrorist threat, sabotage, strikes, riots, disturbance of public order, mutiny, outbreak of disease, consequences of cybercrime, weather conditions).