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Are you interested in an architectural trip?

The already planned architecture trips are announced on this website. If you are interested and would like more information, please contact planopli at or via +32 484 088 606. If everything is clear and you want to register immediately for one or more trips, follow these simple steps:
Step 1: registration
We invite you to fill in the registration form of the architecture journey of your choice. Furthermore, please send the required documents to
Send an e-mail to, with the following data: your/your full names, dates of birth, postal address, mobile phone number, profession, identity card and/or passport number with expiry date, photograph, the contact data of a close person in case of emergency, the mention of a possible additional insurance (cancellation and/or luggage), whether you want a log guide and finally whether you want a single, twin or double hotel room and with whom you would like to share it.
If you would like an invoice, please include your company details.
We would appreciate it if you would take the time to briefly state what you expect from the trip in question, so that we can immediately respond to your wishes.
In the meantime, we invite you to take a look at the general and special conditions of sale.
Step 2: deposit
You pay the advance payment mentioned on the website page of the respective journey to our KBC account with International Bank Account Number (IBAN) BE25 7350 4701 5682 and Bank Identifier Code (BICKREDBEBB mentioning the name of the journey followed by your name. Only when we have received the payment, the registration for the respective journey is final.
With this transfer, you accept the general and special terms and conditions of sale of planopli and you declare that planopli is not liable for accidents, theft or loss.
step 3: required documents
Check as soon as possible whether your passport is still valid and whether you need any other documents. Please inform planopli as soon as possible about your passport number and send a scan/photo of the passport to our e-mail address
Step 4: balance
No later than 60 days before departure for intercontinental destinations and 30 days before departure for European destinations, you pay the balance of the trip.
A few weeks before departure you will receive the e- tickets and other travel documents with all the details.

Interested in a customised architecture trip?

Would you like to plan an educational trip with your office, (architectural) organisation or student group, but you don’t have the time or connections to tackle this thoroughly? Or would you like to live an already planned trip integrally or with some modifications for your own group? Give us a call at +32 484 088 606 or send an email with your first thoughts to Then we can make an appointment to make your wishes come true.

Any suggestions for a destination?

It’s great that you want to share your exciting ideas with planopli! Send an email to, and we will let you know if the destination is already in our programme and if not, whether we see a possibility of turning the destination of your dreams into a real architecture tour that we can open up to everyone.

What is the ratio of contemporary, modernist and historical architecture projects during a trip?

Planopli stands for twentieth and twenty-first century architecture. The ratio between contemporary and modernist architecture projects will be mostly 70/30. Historical projects are only sporadically included in the programme if they are important for the understanding of the local culture and also for the continuation of the historical ideas in contemporary architecture.

travel cost

Why is the travel price based on double occupancy?

Planopli does not only stand for inspirational travel, but also for the development of lasting friendships. Even if you don’t have a regular travel partner, sharing a room with a person with the same (professional) interests can lead to the expansion of a professional network or the budding of a friendship.
Moreover, double room occupancy reduces the travel price, which is a nice bonus.

What’s the difference between travel money and pocket money?

The prices for each trip are listed on this website. For the costs we distinguish between travel sum and pocket money:
The travel cost includes international flights, all transport, entrance fees and accommodation, the tour guide, a travel insurance and the safety and airport taxes to be paid before departure. All foreseen fixed costs are thus included: no surprises after booking.
The pocket money is an amount advised by planopli, which you manage yourself during the trip to pay for meals, drinks and additional excursions and entrance fees on days off from the programme.
Any necessary visa and cancellation insurance are never included. However, cancellatio insurance can be requested through planopli, according to a previously communicated percentage.

Is there a possibility that a trip will be cancelled?

Unfortunately this is possible. For each trip a minimum (and a maximum) number of persons is foreseen. If by the deadline the minimum number of people has not been reached, the trip will be cancelled. Every traveller who has already registered will be informed by us and the advance payment will be fully reimbursed.


Why travel with planopli?

Some of planopli’s tour guides have fifteen to twenty years of experience.
The guides are not only experienced architects from our Belgian-Dutch team, but also local architects who provide in-depth background information.
Contacts with local architects lead to an expansion of your network and sometimes to cross-border cooperation.
On the basis of a prospecting trip, this team of architects gets in contact with local architects, experts and owners and makes a precise and special selection of the projects to be visited.
For some buildings, especially private houses, exclusive access has been obtained through planopli.
Because we travel in a smaller group than other architecture organisations, exclusive visits to private residences, among other things, are more guaranteed.
The hotels offered and any lunches included add a luxurious touch to the whole.
In case of sufficient interest a trip will be offered twice, so that partners can travel separately because of the permanence of the (architecture) office.The architectural trips are recognised as study trips by the Architects’ Association (BE) and by the Architects’ Register (NL) for study points for permanent education and training.
Experiencing architecture is impossible by looking at and studying pictures. Experiencing icons of the international architectural landscape in person, and often having contact with their designer, provides unbridled inspiration and eternal learning.

Is planopli a recognised/official tour operator?

Yes. Planopli is a company that became an official travel organisation thanks to the policies Professional Liability Travel Organisation, Professional Liability Broadcasting, the insurance financial insolvency and the membership at the association of Flemish travel agents, the Vereniging van Vlaamse Reisbureaus.

What are loguides and where can they be obtained?

The loguides are still under development. From the years of experience in writing, composing and designing architectural guides for other clients, planopli is now, together with graphic designer “Ronny Duquenne”, devising an extraordinary cross-pollination between traditional travel guides and logbooks where a very personal input is possible. Thus, at the end of the journey, you not only have a fascinating reference book, but also a memory full of identity.
The first planopli loguides (California, ArgenChile, Bordeaux and Denmark) have already been printed in Flemish/Dutch in small numbers. It is our intention to publish and distribute these loguides professionally. We will keep you informed via our website where they will be available.