buildingKUNST [working title] unveils a first triptych of artistic architectural adventures in Ghent, Copenhagen and Mexico.
They will bet on the simultaneous experience of art(s) and architect(s).

Many art- and architecture-loving travellers share the view that Louisiana is one of the most beautiful museums in the world. The architecture takes full advantage of the location and all the
natural elements to the full to intimately display an outstanding art selection. However, Copenhagen possesses even more apt locations that unfold art masterfully, such as Copenhagen Contemporary, Cisternerne, Nikolaj Kunsthal, Den Frie, Ordrupgaard, and yes… also the wondrous cabinets of Thorvaldsen and Rudolph Tegner.

This planopli art-architecture trip confirms our intention: we not only make a thoughtful choice of museums and galleries, but also take you to ArtHub’s wharf, into artists’ studios that walk the razor-thin line between art and architecture, and also grant you exclusive visits to the homes of artists and art collectors.

Art with architectural value and architecture with a direct connection to art.