Planopli travels to one of the places every archi­tect or archi­tecture lover would like to see in his/her life: the modernis­tic city Brasília that has risen from nothing and contains more than the solo dance of Oscar Niemeyer.

In Saõ Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, outsiders such as Lina Bo Bardi stand in front of the foot­ light, together with numerous­ pro­jects by Pritzker Prize­winners Paulo Mendes da Rocha and Oscar Niemeyer. In both cities, present-day projects make it clear that the ideas of these sublime architects are being continued.

Other focal points of the inspiring programme are the 200ha sculpture park Inhotim and the baker’s mat of Brazilian modernism: the relaxation resort Pampulha.

news release january 2022: After questioning those already registered, it is clear that the architecture travellers do not feel sufficiently secure with regard to health care and the ‘non-existent’ corona measures. This means that the trip will be offered again when the covid landscape in Brazil looks more reassuring.

Without a doubt, this architecture trip is one to keep your bucket-list in your pocket and tick off projects as you go. Not only downtown Chicago is on the program, but of course the surrounding neighborhoods such as Oak Park and River Forest and the campuses of the University of Chicago and the Illinois Institute of Technology. Next, planopli travels via Racine and Milwaukee to Taliesin East. To conclude our adventure west of Lake Michigan on a high note, we descend to Plano.
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Put aside all preconceptions about the Canary Islands. It is more than a tear-jerking tourist attraction. Above all, it has been home to established modernist architects who have clearly left their mark on contemporary architecture. The architectural journey from Tenerife, via Gran Canaria to Lanzarote highlights a consistent narrative between coexisting modernist and contemporary architecture and a landscape layered by multiple lava species.

An intensive ten-day stay in the mythical capital of Mexico introduces you to the emotive 20th and 21st century architecture of a country with a perma­nent passion for its people.

In the wake of Luis Barragán, Félix Candela and Mario Pani, surprisingly fascinating present-day archi­tects on the former waters of Lake Texcoco, such as Alberto Kalach (TAX), Mauricio Rocha (Taller de Arquitectura), Frida Escobedo and Rojkind Arquitectos.

With this trip it is possible to opt for a four-day extension to Oaxaca where a ditto vision is transposed to the colourful, lush hinterland.