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Hoe deelnemen?

Planopli travels to one of the places every archi­tect or archi­tecture lover would like to see in his/her life: the modernis­tic city Brasília that has risen from nothing and contains more than the solo dance of Oscar Niemeyer.

In Saõ Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, outsiders such as Lina Bo Bardi stand in front of the foot­ light, together with numerous­ pro­jects by Pritzker Prize­winners Paulo Mendes da Rocha and Oscar Niemeyer. In both cities, present-day projects make it clear that the ideas of these sublime architects are being continued.

Other focal points of the inspiring programme are the 200ha sculpture park Inhotim and the baker’s mat of Brazilian modernism: the relaxation resort Pampulha.

news release january 2022: After questioning those already registered, it is clear that the architecture travellers do not feel sufficiently secure with regard to health care and the ‘non-existent’ corona measures. This means that the trip will be offered again when the covid landscape in Brazil looks more reassuring.

Both the Paulista School from São Paulo, with its most prominent representative Paulo Mendes da Rocha, and the Carioca School from Rio de Janeiro, with its distinctive projects by Oscar Niemeyer, find their origin in the bruta­lism of the 1950s. The beginning of bruta­lism is simul­taneous with, and not subsequent to, the design competition and construction of Brasília. After a few years, however, the Carioca School treated bruta­lism as a dead-end street and took a different path: one of more refined design and application of materials. The mostly undulating work can justifiably be considered a turning point in architectural history, but the work of the Paulistas with a deeply rooted belief in craft and climate, deserves no less appreciation.

The work of the two Pritzker Prize winners Niemeyer (1988) and Mendes da Rocha (2006) will be discussed in detail, as well as communist pearls by João Batista Vilanova (São Paulo) and Affonso Reidy (Rio). After all, when the debate on postmodernism subsided, so did the resistance to the rules of both Schools and the original values revived. This is expressed, for example, in the extra powerful work of Lina Bo Bardi.

The ideas of these starchitects are still being continued in the present-day work of UNA Arquitetos, Brasil Arquitetura, Studio MK27, SPBR Arquitetos and yes, even in the projects of Triptyque, also based in Paris. These developments show that Brazilian archi­tecture has produced its own history and iden­tity, which has been passed on from generation to generation.


programme subject to changes

SÃO PAULO (4 days)

Helio Olga residence, Marcos Acayaba, 1990
casa Leme (former casa Millan), Paulo Mendes da Rocha, 1970
Lina Bo Bardi Institute (former glass house), Lina Bo Bardi, 1950
Crystal Garden house (former house Valéria Cirell), Lina Bo Bardi, 1964

Galeria Leme II, Paulo Mendes da Rocha and METRO, 2012
Victor Civita square, Levinsky Arquitetos Associados, 2008
Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism, João Batista Vilanova Artigas, 1961
Mendes da Rocha residence, Paulo Mendes da Rocha, 1961-1964

Weekendhouse with pool, SPBR Arquitetos, 2013
Micasa (3 projects), Studio MK27 + Triptyque, 2005-2013
Observatorio, Triptyque, 2012
Havaianas concept store, Isay Weinfeld, 2009
Zeferino shop, Arthur Casas, 2008
Galeria Melissa, changing interiors, 2007-…
Livraria da Vila, Isay Weinfeld, 2007
Shop Adriana Barra, Estudio 20.87, 2014
MuBE, Paulo Mendes da Rocha, 1988

Latin America Memorial, Oscar Niemeyer, 1986-1992
SESC Leisure Center – Fabrica da Pompéia, Lina Bo Bardi, 1977-1986

Ibirapuera Park, O. Niemeyer and R. Burle Marx, 1951-2005

State Pinacoteca do Estado, Paulo Mendes da Rocha, 1993
Portuguese Language Museum, Paulo Mendes da Rocha, 2000
Luz Cultural Centre, Herzog & de Meuron, 2017

Centro Cultural de Sao Paulo (CCSP), Luiz Benedito Telles and Eurico Prado Lopes, 1976-1982

Praça das Artes cultural space, Brasil Arquitetura, 2012
Praça do Patriarca roof, Paulo Mendes Da Rocha, 1992
Copan building, Oscar Niemeyer, 1951-1966
Art Museum of São Paulo MASP, Lina Bo Bardi, 1968
FIESP, Paulo Mendes da Rocha, 1996
Oficina theatre, Lina Bo Bardi, 1984

Boaçava house, UNA architecture, 2011
Casa Masetti, Paulo Mendes da Rocha, 1970

Louveira building, João Batista Vilanova Artigas and Carlos Cascaldi, 1946-1949
buildings Lausanne, Lugano and Locarno, Franz Heep, 1958-1962

BRASILIA (3 days)

Palaçio da Alvorada, Oscar Niemeyer, 1956-1958
Palaçio do Planalto, Oscar Niemeyer, 1958-1960
Three Powers square, Oscar Niemeyer, 1958
Lucio Costa space, Oscar Niemeyer, 1958
Tancredo Neves pantheon, Oscar Niemeyer, 1985
Supreme Federal Court, Oscar Niemeyer, 1958-1960
Itamaraty palace, Oscar Niemeyer, 1962-1970
Palace of Justice, Oscar Niemeyer, 1962-1970
National Congress, Oscar Niemeyer, 1958-1960
Metropolitan cathedral, Oscar Niemeyer, 1958-1971
Gran Circolar / national museum, Oscar Niemeyer, 2006
Juscelino Kubitschek memorial, Oscar Niemeyer, 1980
National library, Oscar Niemeyer, 2006
Eleven ministries, Oscar Niemeyer, 1958
National Theatre, Oscar Niemeyer, Milton Ramos & Aldo Calvo, 1979

Ministerio del Ejercito, Oscar Niemeyer, 1967-1972
Italian Ambassy, Luigi Nervi, 1971-1977
Fondacion Darcy Ribeiro, João Filgueiras Lima (Lélé), 2010
Central Student Library, José Galbinski, 1969-1973
UnB Rectory, Paulo de Melo Zimbres, 1972-1975
Central Institute of Sciences, Oscar Niemeyer, 1963-1971
University Restaurant, José Galbinski & Antônio Carlos Moraes de Castro, 1969
Superquadra 107 & 108, Oscar Niemeyer, 1959
Church of Our Lady of Fatima, Oscar Niemeyer, 1958


Juscelino Kubitschek building, 1954-1960

Art Museum of Pampulha MAP, Oscar Niemeyer, 1940-1942
house of the dance, Oscar Niemeyer, 1940
Iate Tênis Clube, Oscar Niemeyer, 1940
Juscelino Kubitschek house, Oscar Niemeyer, 1943
São Francisco de Asis church, Oscar Niemeyer, 1943-1945

Inhotim Contemporary Art Centre, 2004-…

RIO DE JANEIRO (4 days, 1,5 free days included)

Museum of Modern Art MAM, Alfonso Eduardo Reidy, 1953
Monument to the dead of WWII, H. R. Marinho & M. K. Neto, 1960
Flamengo Park, Roberto Burle Marx, 1938-1961
Museum of Image and Sound, Diller & Scoficio, 2015
Rio Museum of Art, bernardes+jacobsen, 2013
Museum of Tomorrow, Santiago Calatrava, 2015
Pedregulho, Affonso Eduardo Reidy, 1947-1952
Canoas house / Oscar Niemeyer Foundation, Oscar Niemeyer, 1951
Eduardo Guinle park, Lucio Costa, 1948
Ministry of Education and Culture MEC, ON/Le Corbu/Costa/Reidy, 1936-1943
Centros Integrados de Educação Publico CIEP, Oscar Niemeyer, 1984
Sambodromo, Oscar Niemeyer, 1983
Moreira Salles Institute, Olavo redig de Campos, 1951
Maracanã Stadium (1965) with new roof by schlaich bergermann and partner, 2013

Olympic village, 2016
Hotel Nacional, Oscar Niemeyer, 1968
Sitio Roberto Burle Marx, Roberto Burle Marx, 1949

MAC Contemporary Art Museum, Oscar Niemeyer, 1991
Niemeyer way with Popular Theatre, Oscar Niemeyer, 2001



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no mandatory vaccinations
recommended vaccinations: hepatitis A and yellow fever

private coach between Brussels and Amsterdam
international flights Amsterdam > São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro > Amsterdam
three domestic flights: São Paulo > Brasília, Brasília > Belo Horizonte, Belo Horizonte > Rio de Janeiro
locally, mainly private coaches are used, in alternation to public transport (metro and ferry)

four to five-star hotels in São Paulo*****, Brasília****, Belo Horizonte**** en Rio de Janeiro*****
hotels in Brasília and Rio de Janeiro by Oscar Niemeyer

travel cost includes breakfast, 2 picnics, 1 dinner and 1 aperitif
other lunches and all evening meals for own account

during the whole journey: Fernando Filet (BR), Dirk De Meyer (BE) and Dominique Pieters (BE)
extra guidance in São Paulo: Rubens Azevedo (BR)
extra guidance in Rio de Janeiro: Carlos André Palatnic (BR)

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