Dominique Pieters

Dominique works as an architecture journalist for (inter)national magazines and publishers and teaches at TUDelft (NL) and KULeuven (Brussels and Ghent, B). From her years of experience as a guide for architecture tours, she started since April 2017 with her husband Geert the architecture journey organisation planopli..

Already during her architecture studies Dominique organised study trips for students and teachers within Europe. For about twenty years now she has been able to build on this experience by organising architectural study trips for architecture magazine subscribers, for the open architecture association Archipel, for the Flemish Government Committees on Housing and Welfare, for the Flemish Master Builder, for the Flemish Architecture Institute, for Archimundo and for various Belgian architectural firms.

For five years, she was editor-in-chief and technical and architectural editor for the Dutch architecture magazine the Architect in The Hague, for which she lived in Rotterdam during that time. The Dutch connection still continues thanks to the guest lectureship at the TUDelft and the freelance writing assignments for Dutch (interior) architecture magazines such as Frame, de Architect and the former Mark and A10.

Dominique is not only an architect by training, she also possesses the synthesising skills of an author and professional journalist and the communicative and knowledge-transferring skills of a (guest) lecturer at the TUDelft (NL) and at the KULeuven (B); experiences that benefit her in putting together a strong travel programme and in guiding a group with a thorough knowledge of (interior) architecture, urban planning and landscape architecture.

  • organiser and tour guide (1997-today)
  • lecturer at TUDelft and KULeuven (2005-today)
  • artistic director of Archipel (2005-2010)
  • author (2002-today)
  • free-lance architectural journalist (2000-today)
  • editor and assistant editor-in-chief (2000-2005)
  • architect (since 1998)