Ronny Duquenne

Ronny Duquenne studied graphic design with a specialisation in typography at Sint-Lucas, Ghent. He is the co-founder of Ronny and Johny, a graphic design studio and duo in Ghent. The studio works mainly for clients from the cultural sector.

Throughout the years, he has also become known for his publications in the architectural sector, due to his personal fascination with architecture. For more than fifteen years, he has been in charge of all the communication and publications for Archipel, he won a prize for his book on dmvA. He has also worked out an exhibition concept for the Luca training centre in collaboration with Gijs Van Van Velde.

He is also a lecturer in graphic design at KASK, School of Arts, Ghent.

Characteristic for his style is the thorough detail in typography, coupled with a strong visual and intrinsic concept. Therefore, Planopli unhesitatingly chose his talent as a graphic designer for the house style and the log guides.

°1975, Ghent (B)